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Segregansett Country Club…………A brief Club History since our founding in 1893!

Seggy’s beginning was as Highland Golf Links, a 3-hole course on Highland St. in Taunton, some 3 miles from today’s current location. At a meeting in 1893 with several Taunton area gentlemen interested in Golf, a decision was made to move the Club to a parcel of land at our present location on Gulliver and Winthrop St (known today as Rt. 44). The land owned by Samuel Gulliver and George Crane was leased for five years at $125.00 per year! The original 9 holes were designed by A.H Findlay and modified by Joseph Ohlson during the building process. The Segregansett River flows through and around the property on its journey to Narragansett Bay, and hence the course name of Segregansett Country Club. The course property also sits on both City of Taunton and the Town of Dighton land area.

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Old records, that weren’t destroyed in several fires over the years, indicate that the Club was incorporated in 1899 with a code of by-laws approved by membership at that time. A.C.Bent was elected as the first President of the Club and the first dues were $10.00 per year and modified to $5.00 per year in 1900. The Club’s first formal Annual Meeting was held in downtown Taunton at the Taunton Inn (known today as the Marion Manor on Summer St). At this meeting members reviewed an Income Statement indicating revenues of $1729.77 and expenses of $1729.77. Also, the greenskeeper’s annual salary of $540 was approved.

In the 1900 Meeting, membership voted to join the United States Golf Association (USGA) and at a 1903 Meeting voted to join the Massachusetts Golf Association (MGA). Today Segregansett CC is a charter member of the MGA and identified as the 6th oldest operating Golf Course in Massachusetts.

In 1908 the 158 acre Gulliver Estate, then being leased, was purchased for $3800.00, and in 1912 a neighboring parcel in Dighton was bought from $300.00 , the Henry Carlow family donated land today known as the 14th and 15th holes, and land was bought from brick maker Stiles and Hart Co for $450.00 known today as the 16th and 17th holes as the original 9 hole layout took shape.

Francis Ouimet, 1913 US Open Winner was a member of Segregansett CC sometime after his Open Win and until 1922. It is said Mr. Ouimet had business interests that brought him to the area quite often. At a Board Meeting in May 1924 construction of two Tennis Courts at a cost of $1250 were approved. These courts do no exist today and debate remains as to where they were to be located.

Discussion on expanding to 18 holes dates back to Board Meetings starting in November 1925. However, it was not until February 1965 (40 years later) when the course announced the purchase of 70 neighboring acres from Laneway Farm. At one time, the Laneway Farm was a Summer Home property of James Gamble, of the famous Proctor and Gamble Company.

This purchase led the way for the construction of additional holes (today known as 3 thru 7) and in 1974 the Course unveiled an 18 Hole course featuring 10 Par 4’s, 4 Par 5’s and 4 Par 3’s.

As mentioned earlier, extensive fires in June 1977 and February 1985, not only destroyed many historical records, but significantly damaged the course’s Clubhouse that then required significant remodeling and renovations. The Clubhouse today is vastly different than the earlier days. Most recently, the Club added a 1400 sq ft deck with canopy making it a popular outdoor dining venue.

In the past 30 years, the Club has added extensive automated irrigation, has made some re-design to our 7th and 9th holes, added and renovated tee boxes to provide multiple tee options for our Men and Women members, re-faced and renovated many of our 50+ bunkers through-out the course, and opened a full driving range and short-game practice area.

Today, the Men’s Tees range from 5846 to 6613 yards and the Women’s Tees from 5200 to 5490 yards. Our Fairways are Rye/Bluegrass and our Greens are Bent/Poa. Seggy has received many awards and designations as a leading Private Country Club in the SE Massachusetts and Rhode Island markets and has hosted numerous USGA and MGA events and will soon become a member of the RIGA. The course is always in great condition and is known as a true “test” of golf. Always challenging, but fair.

2023 marks the celebration of our “TridecaCentennial” or 130th Anniversary as a leading Golf Course in the Southern New England golf scape. We thank you for taking the time to read about some of Segregansett Country Club’s history.

At our Club Info page in our website, you will find significant information on Club Features and Advantages, along with a detailed overview of various Club Amenities and Membership Dues and Fees.

“Segregansett Country Club………………………Experience Your Best Day on Turf!”

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